X-com is still one of the best games of all time. It taught you to be thorough, and do all you can to get the job done. You could sell alien bodies for research to fund your own.
The famous cky beastman skeletor video featured a sexualised beastman. It was funny. To help fund the battlegaze project, I’ll be putting this one of a kind hard Dick beastman on ebay within the next couple of days. 100% pure orange plastic.



Production of the first round of battle gaze figures is on hardcore.

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BEHOLD PHALLOFAX V 0.1 – His infected cockoid reasy to commit full body penetration – who can stop him?!

Keep your eye on

  • to see every detail of the creation process.

    As of next week, real production kicks in!!

    This is a “proof of concept” figure. It was made almost entirely this evening, once the moulds were finished. It’s not a pure BG figure – It has borrowed Spikor’s left arm for the sake of having a picture taken, and is made from crappy fibre-glass whereas the real deal will be urethane (much smoother, more robust).

    phallofax the first. his sick body filled with bugs. ready for  total body penetration.

    That is right, did someone ask for a Battle Gaze logo to be created and to look similar to this. On top of that, did someone say hard dick or crippling stiff? No, well you need to watch the Battle Gaze video, and save your penny for the upcoming figures….



    Following the divulge of Drowlok and Wardraak last week, Galaxxor creator Ben Spencer has revealed the third figure in the Cyborg Space Barbarian series as Hallogrim. Consisting of an expertly painted vintage MOTU body, with a helmet sculpted by Ben and produced in resin by Marty “The Godbeast” Hansen, Hallogrim, Wardraak and Drowlok will be making their debut alongside another 2 of General Gorgax’s henchmen at Nerd City’s C2E2 booth. Priced at just $40 each, expect to see Galaxxor’s sworn enemies vanish quick…

    Photos by Jim Kyle

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    Here is the headscuplt for what will become the Evil Erect One – PHALLOFAX!! It is still undecided whether the head will be real-feel cock-tastic latex, like a dick, or cast in cock-rock hard as fuck plastic. One thing’s for sure, unless the Gaze can stop him, total body penetration of all the hard-as-fuck-dick warriors of the cock, is IMMINENT!!